Most traffic to websites and blogs is, at least initially, driven almost entirely by friends and facebook/twitter links. But what if you don’t want them to know? What you do with your watermelon is your own damn business. Enter propagate Blogs.

propagate Blogs offers several levels of discretion for the discriminating blogger:


Blog is not listed, search engines are asked to ignore it. Readers must be approved by the author. Content is password protected.


Blog is not listed, search engines are asked to ignore it. If someone happens to type in then it must have been fate. Let them share with fellow aficionados.


Blog is not indexed by however search engines and blogrolls will be pinged when new posts are put online. Anyone typing “+watermelon +firehose +tweezers” in a search engine will find you.


Your blog appears on blog lists, indexes, etc. The overwhelming influence of’s marketing power is focused on your blog. Blog postings also post on Facebook and Twitter. People are talking. Global watermelon shortage follows.


And Shoreline Prints .ca is back online after a brief vacation. I found a gorgeous theme from One Designs to use. Very minimal and sleek. Perfect for an art gallery style site. I could see navigation getting tricky if the site got too large, but maybe not.  I’ve already saved instructions for linking individual images on the home page to galleries, and only one image per gallery on the main page. Very useful if the site grows to over 4 collections I suspect.

Funny what gets accomplished when I’m not working 6 days a week…