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Whether or not the end justifies the means has always been a topic of debate. Sophocles, generally considered one of the brighter and more enlightened minds of his time (c 409 BCE), wrote that “‘The end excuses any evil”. The basic philosophy being that if the end result is important enough, it really doesn’t matter how you get there. Or as Bishop Babington wrote in 1583, “The ende good, doeth not by and by make the meanes good.” It reminds me of the political ideology that the electorate will come to realise that the policies are good even if they don’t know it now, so we won’t tell them.

It’s an idea that informs much of the world around us today. Israel is right to defend itself and can do anything in pursuit of that goal. The Palestinians are right to feel abused and are justified in doing anything to end that abuse. The NSA is right to be worried about terrorists and can forgo everything to prevent attacks. Businesses are right to pursue profits, and whatever it takes to maximise them. Political ideologies do have secret agendas that they all believe the people really want, if only they knew it. And it’s basically all bullshit.

The only hope we have of justifying our actions is if they do not follow the actions of those we deem our enemies. The only way we can call ourselves the Good Guys is if we don’t do the things that the Bad Guys do. The things that make them Bad Guys. If you are willing to kill my child to kill me, and I am willing to kill your child to kill you – then what is the difference between us? If a business found someone willing to pay $5 per baby, it would not make the widespread kidnapping of babies in pursuit of profits ok. These things seem pretty self evident if we use babies or kittens, but in this case if it’s true for babies and kittens then it’s true for teenagers and adults as well.

So next time you’re trying to decide how far to go, or if someone else has gone too far – don’t ask if their goal justifies their methods, ask if they’re still Good Guys.

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A Thank You

It’s been a while since I moved from my previous hosting company and I couldn’t be happier. If it’s true that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, it’s also true that you don’t know what you don’t have ’til you do have it.

Now it’s true that I am in the affiliate program with, but it’s true because they’ve been good to me. And they really are much better than the last guys. Tech support is there to support. Any time I’ve had to call on them, they’ve been quick, helpful and most importantly, whatever I was having trouble with was fixed. The software is up to date. It’s the latest version of php, which is important. have been such a pleasure to work with that I broke one of my rules – I’m using the same company as registrar and host. Not that I’m looking but even if some other hosting company one day lures me away with an unbeatable deal, will remain my registrar. They got me interested in the whole idea again, not just as a way to direct traffic to a site. Usually domain names are a and a way to direct you to a website, but sometimes the website is just a way to play with a domain name. I give you The Eyes Closed Club. Tell me that’s not worth $5?

So thank you, for giving me one more avenue of expression and tom foolery, for reminding me that it’s there. Oh, and for the most excellent and affordable hosting. And your affiliate program.


Need a registrar or host?  Try

And Shoreline Prints .ca is back online after a brief vacation. I found a gorgeous theme from One Designs to use. Very minimal and sleek. Perfect for an art gallery style site. I could see navigation getting tricky if the site got too large, but maybe not.  I’ve already saved instructions for linking individual images on the home page to galleries, and only one image per gallery on the main page. Very useful if the site grows to over 4 collections I suspect.

Funny what gets accomplished when I’m not working 6 days a week…